About Us
Welcome to our web site we hope that you find it helpful. My name is Larry Watts and I live in Greenwood Missouri with my wife Monty and our four English Bulldogs dogs Abegail,Shelby Hannah and Gabrielle . Greenwood is just south east of Kansas City within the Kansas City metro area. We have lived here for over twenty five years now and seen Greenwood grow into a good sized city. A little over ten years ago my wife decided that we would add Millie our English Bulldog to our family and it has been a wonderful experience. The English Bulldog dogs have an amazing ability to worm their way into your heart right from the start they were a part of our family. I will warn you they can be contagious when Millie had Nick on Christmas morning there was a lot of talk about finding him a good home, but we both knew we had our boy. We were introduced to the show world and achieved his Champion title and continued to show and he is now a Grand Champion. We are very proud of all of our bulldogs we continue to show and produce Champions. Our bulldogs are part of our family and we want each of our puppies to go to a family that will make them a part of theirs also. We show our bulldogs and occasionally have puppies available. Again welcome to our site and happy looking!